Terry Melville, founder of The Betty Creative Awards, was thrilled to recognize Liam Cameron for winning The Special Recognition Award at The 2nd Annual The Betty Creative Awards 2016, Dream Big: Denim & Degas. The recent graduate of the consumer apparel and retail department of UNC Greensboro won the Betty Statue for his hard work and dedication on not only The 2nd annual The Betty Creative Awards, but also the 1st. Liam worked closely with Terry on creating the concept and fundamental aspects from scratch for Dream Big Denim & Degas. Liam described the creation of this event to be completely rewarding because of the successful turnout. He labeled his initial reaction to this award as “totally surprised”, he had no idea he was winning this. According to Liam, this experience was full of learning new things that helped to prepare him for his future in fashion. He plans on maintaining a career in visual merchandising with luxury apparel. We wish Liam the most success and express much gratitude for all of his hard work and perseverance.

Awards Ceremony Sant.002Liam Cameron receiving his Special Recognition Award from trophy girl McKenzie Morrison wearing Nhi Tran’s design, photographed by Santiago Elliott

Awards Ceremony Sant.003Terry Melville giving her congratulations to Liam Cameron on his award, photographed by Santiago Elliott

Liam Receiving Award TSP_3926Celebrity Judge Andy Basile, Last year’s winner Nhi Tran, Celebrity Judge Freddie Leiba, Liam Cameron, winner of The Special Betty Award, Terry Melville, and Nhi Tran’s trophy girl, Mckenzie Morrison, photographed by Torey Searcy