Winners Title Slides .001Competition Winners Keynote.004Photographed by Torey Searcy

Congratulations to Gordon Holliday and his futuristic indigo denim pointy shoulder dress with LED waist belt for winning first place prize in The 2nd Annual The Betty Creative Awards 2016, Dream Big: Denim & Degas. He stole the show with his inventive, ultra-modern theme and we are so proud of him. In an interview, Gordon described technology to be one of his inspirations and that shined through with his space-age designs. With the inclusion of the mask, he was able to take his designs to another level that took the judges by complete surprise. The celebrity judges felt this dress was innovative and Gordon’s vision was out-of-this-world, in comparison to the conventional ballerina.

Competition Winners Keynote.005Photographed by Santiago Elliott

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Not only did Gordon Holliday steal the show with his futuristic denim dress with LED waist belt, but he was able to capture the judges a second time with his off the shoulder, high-tech, indigo denim dress with pink stripe inserts. We congratulate him a second time for winning second place in The 2nd Annual The Betty Creative Awards 2016, Dream Big: Denim & Degas. Gordon’s designs stood out because of his ability to shape the ballerinas into the future. The indigo dress with pink stripe inserts was outstanding because of the off the shoulder look and also the inclusion of Gordons personal clothing brand logo, the pink stripe inserts, in the top half of the dress.

Modernistic ballerinas had never been done before, and Gordon’s vision was captivating to both the judges and audience.

Competition Winners Keynote.006Photographed by Santiago Elliott

Winners Title Slides .003Competition Winners Keynote.001Photographed by Torey Searcy

Last but not least, we would like to congratulate Amy Moret for winning 3rd place at The Betty Creative Awards 2016, Dream Big: Denim & Degas on her romantic, Degas ballerina-inspired, teal dyed dress with appliqued flowers. Amy was able master taking natural denim and transforming it into a piece that blossomed. Not only did Moret hand dye the denim dress, but each flower was dyed a different color, cut, and individually sewn on by hand, as they do in couture. This dress exhibited creativity and hard work. This beautiful, creative dress captured the judge’s eye and earned her this third place prize. We are so proud of Amy’s hard work on the creation of this poetic ballerina dress.

Competition Winners Keynote.002Photographed by Santiago Elliott